What to Wear: South of France

What to Wear: South of France

Gigi wrote in with a request for her summer vacation:

But my question is for two weeks of summer in France-the southwest corner, near Perpignan. I read about dresses and skirts instead of shorts, comfortable shoes-but how do you pull that together and how do you pull it together to cram in a suitcase? I am a size 2. Any advice would be appreciated.

Skirt – Black linen will be impossible to stain or wrinkle during your travels. You can tuck in almost any shirt with that belted waist.
Tank – Ruffled in light lavender and great for skirts.
Sweater – A little striped number you can keep tied around your neck for cool nights and church tours.
Sandals – Clarks are worth every penny. These sandals should be comfortable enough to walk in all day and look cute enough for a dinner out. Plus they work with pants or skirts. Also bring a pair of flats and a pair of sneakers.
Tote – In classic canvas.
Sunglasses – Vintage-styled

Toss in a dress, a bikini, a couple tops and a camera – you’re ready to go!

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  1. Becky at 1:14 pm

    Love it! Screams summer to me :)You should do a summer pregnancy style post. I'm in my first pregnancy and just starting to show. I'm always been petite and at the moment I have no idea how to dress this new body!

  2. MaryD at 5:43 pm

    This is definitely a sweet little outfit–and I love this blog, but I do feel compelled to respond to the statement "Black linen will be impossible to stain or wrinkle during your travels." Linen wrinkles far more than any other fiber. Though that's part of the fabric's (and this skirt's) charm, I don't think it would be my first choice for something to wear out of a suitcase.

  3. Kate F. at 2:01 pm

    I literally just flew back from that very area! We were hit with sadly cool/wet weather, but your outfit looks perfect. One thing to know–the weather varies a lot from place to place around there, thanks to the coast/mountains. Take at least a little warmer stuff, just in case!

    I'd add that the best possible travel skirt I've found is a black knit interlock skirt from American Apparel. They show it in bubblegum pink online (gah) but it's about $30, can be wore way up high with a thin shirt/blouse tucked in as a dress, basically, or rolled down lower as a casual skirt. I am 27 weeks pregnant and have been wearing the hell out of one a size up from my usual; it's that stretchy. And no wrinkles!

    BTW, I had very, very good luck with these Naturalizer sandals on the Roussillon portion of the trip:
    Normally breaking in shoes is torture for me; I wore these out of the box for several days of the trip with NO blisters. Crazy. Also, I found a 15% or 20% off/free shipping code online so they were pretty cheap. They're pretty cute in person!

    Gigi, email me through my blog if you want a couple restaurant recs!