Bastille Day, Continued

Bastille Day, Continued

Next stop – one of my new favorite places! Margaret and I met Rob at Hotel Rex – hosting the Disposable Film Festival for a Viva La Film evening.

I’ll go into more detail tomorrow about the actual, amazing Frenchie films. But first, the hotel itself. I was ready to go full Eloise after just a few minutes in the well-appointed lounge.

Beautiful portraits and sketches framed on the walls with details about the artists, a chalkboard with wine specials, vintage books on the shelves, monogrammed chairs, tables with lamps for writing letters, brass luggage carts with children loaded on, a stately manager and Pepe the French Man roaming the city.

I would like to move in/have a job there please. My credentials include having watched every episode of Faulty Towers at least three times, extreme commitment to this article about the Waldorf, already owning a cache of vintage luggage, comprehensive knowledge of Emily Post and an overly active imagination.

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