2011 Resolution!

2011 Resolution!

I was too busy to make a resolution last year, with the move to our new apartment. But the year before, I resolved to focus on being “bona fide.” I focused on standing up for myself, being genuine and speaking straight over the past 24-months.

This year, my theme is to be grateful. To spend more time focusing on friends and family. Small pleasures. Clarity.
As part of this, I’m aiming to host a Sunday Supper with friend once a month in 2011. Casual, simple meals designed for catching up, playing with babies and relaxing.
What other ideas do you have for a gratitude resolution?

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  1. a at 5:37 pm

    to regularly set aside time and/or money to help others – regular volunteer work and/or regular donations to a community organization.

  2. Danielle at 9:39 pm

    great resolution.."family dinners" with friends-as we call them-are just the best

  3. Anonymous at 7:58 pm

    A resolution connected to gratitude, to my mind, would be to try to shine in many ways, and not be as consumed by fear or doubt.
    Gratitude is so rewarding to cultivate.

  4. Diana Beck McCarty at 3:04 pm

    It sounds silly but taking time to meditate (quiet, empty space) usually pulls gratitude out from hiding–things come to the mind that otherwise would have remained buried. Gratitude usually fades into the background in the face of life's busy-ness.
    Also vocalizing and sharing what you're grateful for helps.