Weekend Round-Up: Bikes Party

Weekend Round-Up: Bikes Party

Just when I was really starting to accept my winter social “hibernation” – Rob found a new rocking party for us to attend. On Friday night, Rob, Margaret, Denyse and I bundled up and got on our bikes (in 30 degree weather!) for the first ever San Francisco Bike Party. Thanks to Meli for the photo of us on the tandem!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the night turned out to be super fun. We rode around the city in a pack of about 500, stopping every few miles for an impromptu dance party while everyone caught up.

The best was a stop at a deluxe playground inside a city park where our inner eight year olds went berzerk. Monkey bars, teeter-totters…the works! We got back home around midnight completely frozen to the bone. Tea and standing by the heater to warm up before bed.
Rob left for work early the next morning (poor Rob!). Margaret spent the night on the guest bed and she and I slept in. Oatmeal, coffee, oranges and a bad movie to recover from our hangovers from the night before. Tequila for dinner is not a good idea.
She headed home at noon and I stayed sacked-out for the rest of the day. I’m fighting off a sinus infection brought on by the altitude and cold weather in Tahoe. I watched The Young Victoria (loved), cleaned house and planned a party for later January. Rob came home in the evening and we had a quiet dinner together.
Sunday morning, the paper and coffee in bed. Breakfast of eggs and toast. Rob rode some spin on the bike while I cleaned out drawers and did other New Year’s organization. Lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches made terribly fancy by the fact we only had leftover Cowgirl Creamery supplies in the fridge.
We went to the Contemporary Jewish Museum by bike after lunch. I bought a membership in a silent auction for the Bicycle Coalition at Christmas and hadn’t been before. The exhibit on Curious George is well done and had Rob and I both ready to spend four years in Paris as illustrators.

To the grocery store after the museum. Apparently, there was a bowl game in the city on Sunday – at the baseball stadium? with Boston and Nevada? It was quite the scene.
Back home with our supplies and then out again at 7:00 to see Tron in 3D IMAX to cap the weekend.

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  1. Amber at 5:20 am

    What a fun sounding weekend! The bike party looks awesome. You know, there are lots of bikers up in Seattle … hint hint 🙂