Weekend Round-Up: Around the Bay

Weekend Round-Up: Around the Bay

We spent this weekend celebrating summer with friends all around the bay. To start, Friday night ping pong and bean tacos with Margaret:

We watched Justin Biber: Never Say Never – and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! Kid has talent.
Saturday morning, Rob left early to volunteer with the bike coalition. I had a lazy morning while making chicken soup and friendship bracelets. At 10:30, I walked over to meet Rob at the Ferry Building. Mmm, blueberry scone:

Rob signed us and Trent up for a bicycle tour covering the history of food in the city. We started downtown with talks about coffee and produce. The over to the Mission for the old mayonnaise and twinkie factories.

From there, to Mission Pies and a wonderful urban farm to learn about new ways the city is creating fresh food. A wonderful way to spend 4 hours exploring the city by bike.
Home in the afternoon for a quick cleanup and then on to BART to head to Oakland. Elizabeth from Sophisticated Pie invited us for a lovely Mexican BBQ. Delicious dinner with excellent company – and we had a lot of fun making churros for dessert.
Sunday morning, Rob and Trent went for a bike ride. I headed out to farmer’s market – but it was cancelled with the Pride festivities. Nice sunny walk, at least. We met up at home and then walked down to Red’s for veggie burgers by the bay.
We walked around, looking at boats, before Trent had to head back to Oakland for studying.
Another quick break at home. Out again, this time by car, to San Anselmo to visit with our friends Matt and Amber. They moved to Seattle in the fall with their twin boys, so it was nice to catch up. Dinner out at a great Mexican restaurant:

Finally, a nice sunset drive back to San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge.

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