Weekend Round-Up: Decompressing

Weekend Round-Up: Decompressing

Very mellow weekend after working like mad on Friday. I helped organize a user conference for 1,000+ attendees. It was a lot of fun, but tremendously stressful. On Friday night, I came home an exhausted heap and Rob cooked me dinner.

Saturday morning, we had a lazy breakfast and then went to return the u-Haul my team had rented the day before. Walked over to Sports Basement on Bryant where I bought a new duffle for Japan, grabbed a slice at DNA Pizza and walked back home.

Rested for a bit (still kind of stressed out! I have an amazing capacity to focus on the three things that didn’t go perfectly out of the 500 that did.) and then Rob and I headed back out to enjoy the crisp fall weather in the city. Just a perfect fall afternoon to grab ice cream cones and window shop the new holiday displays downtown.

Margaret came over in the evening and we worked on baby shower crafts for a party at work this week. We made a delicious dinner of roasted cod, truffled lentils and butternut squash. A bit of work on turning roast chickens into chicken soup and some fancy nailpolish. Margaret went home around 9 and I turned into to bed not too much later.

Sunday morning, Rob left for a bike ride and I stayed in bed with the paper. I hopped on the bike trainer for an hour and did some pilates until he returned. After lunch, we walked downtown to meet up with Nicole. We walked around to a few shops, picking up last minute supplies for the trip to Japan. Early dinner garlic with fries on the patio at Gott’s.

The three of us walked around the Ferry Building for a bit. Rob caught Nicole a cab and we walked home. Gorgeous sunset over the city, a rare sight. We met up with our neighbor along with baby and dog for part of the walk home.

Quiet evening at home, I watched some old episodes of Mary Tyler Moore and cleaned house.

It’s hard to believe we leave for Japan this Friday! Can’t wait!

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