Recipe: Kiwi Sorbet

Recipe: Kiwi Sorbet

Having an ice cream maker is such a cheat! You can throw almost anything in there and make an amazing gourmet dessert.

Over the weekend, Jackie’s parents gave us each about 5 lbs of kiwis fresh off their trees. Last night I made a simple kiwi sorbet with the spoils, served after a spicy curry dinner. The light green color with black seeds looks almost like mint chip ice cream, but so much healthier.

It’s hardly a recipe, but here you go:

5 cups of ripe kiwis, peeled and minced
1 cup of sugar

Mix the fruit and sugar into a smooth-ish blend. Don’t fret about any chunks. Put in the ice cream maker and wait for the magic to happen! It would be fun to experiment with adding a bit of orange flower water or fresh ginger to the mix.

Gorgeous photo from Cannelle et Vanille.

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