What to Wear: SXSW Interactive

What to Wear: SXSW Interactive

I’m going to nerd-camp later this weekend! SXSW Interactive includes four days of 40,000 startup techies taking over Austin. This will be my first year and I’m already not great at dressing casually, so packing has been a challenge.

Jacket – A lightweight jacket that can be shoved in your bag. Rain is predicted, so layers are a must.
Tee – A t-shirt from your startup or some other cool tech event you attended.
Jeans – These silver jeans are a step up from the normal blues.
Flats – I’ll rotate between flats and sneakers during the event. Always, always bring a different pair of shoes for each day of any conference. Your feet will thank you.
Bag – Waxed canvas messenger from Brooklyn Industries. Plenty of room for business cards, camera, smart phone and schwag picked up along the way.

Add some heavy frame glasses and a swish of hot pink lip gloss to complete the look. If you’re headed to SXSW Interactive – shoot me an email. I would love to hang out between sessions!

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  1. mandy at 3:08 pm

    I was at sxswi last year, I felt most comfortable in jeans and shirts that were more on the side of dressy casual. You meet so many people and I liked that I felt I was putting on a bit of a better image and standing out from the folks in t-shirts handing out flyers for their company on the corner. Casual sneakers and Camper flats were perfect.

  2. Julie at 4:05 am

    I exhibited at SxSWi 2007-2009. It's fun, but exhausting. Make sure you bring an extra pair of flats for walking–you'll be doing a lot of that every evening. Liquid bandaids for blisters. And lots of Tylenol/Advil/hangover remedies.

  3. Luna at 5:34 pm

    Hello Mrs. M. I am happy to have stumbled onto your blog while planning my wardrobe for a visit to Italy in September.
    I would like to Follow your recent posts but I can't seem to find a Follow option. Am I missing something?