Weekend Round-Up: Working

Weekend Round-Up: Working

I didn’t have much of a break this weekend. I left the city on a 6:00 am flight Friday to lead a very cool health event in Philadelphia.  From the moment I landed, to taking off again on a 7:00 am flight Sunday – it was pretty much straight work, work, work with a couple hours of sleep. But despite the monumental fatigue, I came back so inspired. It’s the best feeling: knowing you’re good at your job, doing something important and working with talented people.

Here’s a shot of the home stretch; crossing the sierras:

Back in San Francisco at 10:30 am Sunday to find the neighborhood packed with Bay to Breakers traffic and the ballgame. Quick shower, then Rob and I headed out for a picnic to enjoy the sunny weather.  We camped out under an olive tree with a bay view, with a delicious deli sandwich (the food in Philadelphia was gross) and the Sunday paper. Lots of boats out sailing. A group of Morris dancers from Berkeley put on a show next to our camp.

After a couple hours napping outside, I was feeling a little revived. We walked up to the Ferry Building for fresh bread, then back home to do laundry and rest up.

I am so excited to wake up tomorrow when the sun is already up!

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  1. Susan at 2:21 pm

    Oh, what a bummer that you didn't eat any good food in Philly — there are actually a lot of great restaurants that offer fresh, locally-raised/produced foods. (Vedge, Talula's Garden, Pumpkin to name just a few.) It's definitely not all cheesesteaks and grease!

  2. Anonymous at 6:39 pm

    if you thought the food in philadelphia was "gross," you weren't eating at the right places. yes, philly is not SF when it comes to food, but there is plenty of really, really good stuff there

  3. islandgardener at 10:18 pm

    So sad, Emily…When in Philly, eat the cheesesteaks…despite what Susan said! And, there is much more than that, as Anonymous said…what part of Philly were you in?

  4. mrsem Author at 2:59 am

    I was in North Philly by Temple University and all we could find was pizza and really not great cheesesteaks. I'm sure there's good food in the city – but not anywhere near us!