Weekend: Moving

Weekend: Moving

I heard this weekend was lovely and warm, classic San Francisco fall weather…but we spent it inside packing for the move. Our routine boiled down to a rotation of packing, panicking about how much stuff we have, driving to the thrift store to make big donations, hunting for more boxes and sitting, sacked out, on the couch for breaks when our backs started to hurt. Plus, an occasional bout of feeling really depressed about the whole situation and eating too many potato chips.

Haha! I felt so accomplished when I packed these first four boxes on Saturday. Hardly.

I made dinner after the big day of work, trying to eat up all our food so we won’t need to haul it across town.  Quite a challenge since we had smartly packed everything but one knife, one pan and some salt.  But kind of fun too, like trying to cook in a vacation rental. The resulting kale, zucchini, lemon and garlic pasta went into an impromptu frittata for breakfast on Sunday morning. 

More packing on Sunday. How is it possible that we have so. much. stuff?  We’re two small people in a small space. Are we secretly hoarders?! Rob and I took breaks in between cycles to watch the second season of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes – amazing.

By Sunday night, we were starting to feel accomplished.  Jackie and Pierre arrived to spend the night late that evening.

Everything but clothes, everyday dishes and a couple things in storage are ready to go. We’re going to pick up the keys tomorrow night and then the moving truck comes Wednesday.  Then we’ll just need to unpack everything…

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  1. elizabeth at 6:53 pm

    good luck with the move!! Sorry it's been so long. We should catch up when you have a breather after unpacking.