What to Wear: Dandiya Raas (Indian Stick Dancing)

What to Wear: Dandiya Raas (Indian Stick Dancing)

Finding the exact right thing to wear to obscure events is my favorite thing! Accidentally dressing too costume-y is something I can’t stand. So this request from Teresa is just right:

I’m going to Dandiya dancing in the Mission on Saturday night, and I’m wondering what to wear.  Mind you, I’ve got two saris (one orange, one burgundy).  How can I dress for Indian stick dancing that doesn’t scream “costume!” and would look nice?  I’m planning on black flats but they will be kicked off ASAP.

Option 1: Sari on Top
Sari top – Use the cropped top from your sari as a mix and match start.
Pants  – A pair of navy draped twill ankle pants are oddly listed as “jogger-inspired” according to the website. These pants are a little dangerous because they look so comfortable, you’ll be tempted to wear them all the time.
Pumps  – If you’re going to kick off your shoes as soon as you get there, may as well start with something cute. These teal suede pumps are a nice tie in with the colors from the sari top.
Earrings – Gold, pink and orange drop earrings.
Bracelets – You’re going to need a good quantity of gold bangles.

Option 2: Sari on Bottom
Sari skirt  – It’s quite hard to find a photo of just the skirt from a sari, so I’m making do with the bottom of this burgundy dress. PS: this indian fashion website is my new obsession. The jewelry! I’m attending an Indian wedding next month and maybe need everything.
Top  – A modern black wrapped crop top is a good match with the skirt and brings down the level of costume-risk.
Shoes – These black sandals are from Naturalizer, so may be comfortable enough to dance in.
Earrings – Beaded hoop earrings won’t flop around too badly while you’re dancing.
Bracelets – Pear details on the bangles match the earring details.

Option 3: Indian Inspired
Dress – Do your own thing with an inexpensive orange chiffon swing dress. If it is too short, wear a small pair of shorts underneath for safety.
Necklace – A gold beaded necklace is a nice compliment to the dress.
Shoes – Hot pink pumps with a bright orange dress? Yup.
Bangles – A set of bracelets in dark pink and gold.

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  1. Teresa Gilman at 8:32 pm

    Thank you so much for the great suggestions! I received so many compliments at the event – the outfit was modern, and stylish without being "costume-y" for the ethnic event. Great advice. Thank you again 🙂 You are a style guru.