What to Pack: Spain & Morocco In Summer

What to Pack: Spain & Morocco In Summer

Rob and I are off to Europe for six weeks in May and June! We’re starting in Barcelona, where Rob has a conference to attend, then dashing over to Morocco for a couple weeks and ending with a stop in Geneva, Switzerland for another conference and a week in the Alps before returning home.

As always, I’ll be packing a small carry-on duffle bag with room to spare for souvenirs. It’s going to be a lot hotter on this trip than our visit to Turkey, Greece and Croatia last spring – which means less to carry. Similar to Turkey, it seems like it will be comfortable to be a bit more covered up in Morocco. The exchange rate is great, so I’ll pack super light and buy some things over there. Also, I’ve got a couple business meetings while abroad and need to dress somewhat professionally. I’m thinking a black, green and metallic color scheme will work well:

  • Tunic – This lightweight silk-blend top is supposedly machine washable (also, only $20 when you purchase it in store). If so, I think it will be the perfect to wear mix and matched with the pants and skirt. I’ll probably also bring my favorite cotton tunic that we took on the last trip. 
  • Skirt – My favorite new black midi skirt with pockets that I picked up on sale for an incredible $17 at Bloomingdale’s.
  • Shoes – These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever tried on! Kenneth Cole’s new “Gentle Souls” line is full of super stylish, super walkable designs. I think the gold color works with everything from jeans to dresses – despite the fact Rob thinks they’re “granny shoes.” I never usually spend $160 on shoes, but have a feeling these will be worth it.
  • Sneakers – It’s a debate to take my casual Okinawa Tiger sneakers or a pair of actual running shoes. 
  • Scarf – Good thing I’ve just picked up a new fascination with wearing turbans. I will be buying all. the. scarves. while abroad. 
  • Sunglasses – From Forever 21 and totally “lose-able.”
  • Pants – I picked up a pair of black crepe harem pants with ankle zippers and pockets for $20 at TJ Maxx over Easter. They’re so lightweight and breezy, but look much fancier than jeans.
  • Sweater – A metallic gold sweater will be nice for colder evenings. Just don’t wear it through airport security where metal in the yarn can set off the detectors. 
  • Blouse – Express offers this blouse in no less than 38 different colors. The convertible sleeves are nice and it can be worn either tucked in on layered with a belt on top of a dress. 
  • Tees – Cotton knit is tough because it stretches out when sink washed and line dried. A basic light tee is so helpful to have though. 
  • Tank – I would never take an actual silk top on vacation, but something similar to this patterned tank from Anthropologie would be a fun piece to mix and match. Maybe this
  • Bikini – I stocked up on Boden bikinis a couple months ago, so this green floral Tory Burch is just for inspiration. 
  • Purse – A small cross-body bag is so nice to have for daily excursions, but a larger tote is crucial for carrying (and hopefully not leaving behind in London) your laptop through airport days. 
  • Maxi Dress – Reader Katie recommended a black maxi dress for our last trip and I wore it all the time. Great for layering with shirts, belts and sweaters. 
  • Not pictured: A lightweight puffy jacket, workout pants, assorted belts, nightgown, pjs, art supplies

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  1. Annie at 11:43 pm

    I love reading about your travels and I'm looking forward to your next adventure. As to your shoes, I'm a registered nurse and I spend $150+ on shoes for work. Totally, totally worth the money. For all the walking you'll do on your trip, you'll be so glad you invested in really good shoes. Also, the shoes look cute! not at all granny! Safe travels to you.

  2. Anne At Large at 4:39 am

    This is so great! Stealing some of these ideas for my next trip too! Sounds like it will be an amazing trip, I can't wait to see your photos.

  3. MaryG at 5:47 pm

    I love this, as I do all of your What to Wear/What to Pack posts!!

    Word of caution on the Express Portofino shirt–I bought one (at the outlet, so, grain of salt maybe) and it ripped along the side seam. This was with fairly minimal wear on my part, and only gentle laundering.

  4. mrsem Author at 6:52 pm

    Thanks for the warning, Mary! I usually pick up similar shirts to that one at H&M and they seem to last forever.

  5. Renee at 9:34 pm

    Just curious — do you only bring one purse with you? I always feel like I need one black, one brown.

  6. mrsem Author at 10:34 pm

    Yep, just one purse. I like the "british tan" color from Coach because it seems to work equally well with black or brown.

  7. Four Eyes at 12:22 am

    Morocco is on my list of dream destinations! I love the colors in this collection, especially the express shirt. Have a great trip!