Daisy Troop: Earning the Courageous & Strong Petal

Daisy Troop: Earning the Courageous & Strong Petal

One of the very first things our troop said they wanted to learn this year was first aid. So, to earn the red “Courageous & Strong” badge, we arranged for a special meeting about preparing for emergencies, basic first aid and calling 911.


  • Welcome: Coloring name tags and tula the tulip coloring sheets.
  • Opening circle:  The Girl Scout promise and handshake.
  • Discussion: What “courageous”means and stories of being brave.
  • Wiggle activity: Practicing duck and cover in the event of an earthquake, stop-drop-and-roll if you’re on fire and a “musical chairs” marching game where we shouted out different emergencies to test the girls.
  • Activity: Special guest, Lauren, talked about when to call 911, first aid volunteering at a hospital before helping the girls assemble mini first aid kits with band-aids, gauze and an alcohol pad.
  • Coloring: The girls decorated name, address and phone number reminder cards to put in their first aid kits. Daisies who finished early practiced making slings and ankle wraps with fabric.
  • Closing circle: Badge ceremony, magic penny song and friendship circle.

Daisy troop safety exercise

Fire safety daisy troop drill

Coloring emergency cards - Daisy troop

Daisy girl scout troop first aid

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