Dear Lucille: Month Four

Dear Lucille: Month Four

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. You started the month dressed up in a gorgeous silk dress at a fancy party celebrating the 10th birthday of our friend Jordan’s company.


You reached a new pinnacle of cuteness the next week, right as the 2016 election results came in. Rob was away in Iceland that week, making it extra surreal. You woke up with a huge grin on your face, ready to greet another new day. Your adorableness is equal parts helpful (a terrific distraction) and concerning (we worry for you).


You and I both carefully got dressed up that morning and went out for a big stack of french toast at a neighborhood diner as a first step forward. You strategically deployed your cuteness for the other shell-shocked customers.


Later that day, I made a big batch of cupcakes and invited friends over to commiserate with pizza and salad.


We made it through the tough week together, with 6:30 am client calls each morning, thanks to help of babysitter Stella.


Then, it was time to head to Iceland. There are lots of photos here from the trip – and even more that your godfather Shane took. You loved the cold and we were very pleased that you were an easy traveler with practically no jetlag. You made some big developmental leaps that week – sitting up in a highchair, using your hands more and practicing dolphin-ese shrieks.


Back home, we had a couple days to catch up on work and laundry.


Then, off to Fresno for Thanksgiving and to spend time with your paternal grandparents. Grandfather Carl loved playing with you. Grandmother Ellen was busy taking care of your uncle who went to the hospital with an infection.


You also met your Great Grandmother for the first time. She was quite sick, but looked beautiful and loved seeing you.


Back at home again, you conquered a series of new milestones all in a week: rolling over, sitting in your Bumbo chair and grabbing/chewing on your feet. You’re a delight!


You love sticking your feet through the sides of your crib when you nap in there during the day. We continue to have you sleeping in the moses basket by our bed at night because it is just so cozy and convenient, even though you’ve nearly outgrown it. You snore less than you used to but I still love listening to you breathe at night.


We had Rob’s coworkers visiting for the last week of November and my employee Sal in the house, too. You do pretty well working alongside us all when the babysitter leaves. It was thrilling to officially present my first post-baby brand strategy deck to a new client at the end of the month.


You had your pediatrician’s appointment on your four month birthday. Now 15.5 lbs, you’re 26.25 inches long and in the 99th percentile for height. You look much bigger than other four month old babies we meet. After our rough start, your blooming health is an even greater gift.


We are the luckiest parents in the whole world.

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  1. Fran at 4:50 pm

    What a lovely account. Thank you. So eager to see you all in person soon.

  2. ye olde aunt at 9:35 am

    Keep these wonderful blogs coming – they are so nice to read and the enable me to keep up with special people to watch them grow.