Shopping challenge: Fail safe wedding gift

Shopping challenge: Fail safe wedding gift

When the registry has run down and you are not sure what to buy the happy couple, turn to Gump’s!

I bought this pitcher as part of Rich and Molly’s wedding gift. It’s an exclusive Gump’s design that’s suitable to nearly any taste. And since it’s pewter, it won’t need polishing and can hold flowers without corrosion.

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  1. MissScientistSF at 11:45 pm

    Did you see the pitcher I found at Gumps, on my blog? In case you need someone to buy another pitcher for 🙂

  2. mrsem Author at 11:49 pm

    I hadn’t seen that…nice one! That list looks suspiciously like a registry…wink!

  3. MissScientistSF at 11:58 pm

    Yes, because I am totally going to register for pants and hair products. Good call. Isn’t the pic of Conner adorable!

  4. mrsem Author at 1:02 am

    You can register for whatever you want! Rich had all kinds of tools from Sears on his registry.

    Super cute photo of the baby! Do we need to pick up some silver spoons from Gump’s?