Birthday Wish List: Chanel Perfume

Birthday Wish List: Chanel Perfume

You can never have too much Chanel perfume! My grandmother used to go through a solid 4 ounces of No. 5 every year. It was her signature scent and always makes me think of her.

Chanel really does make the best fragrances. They have an amazing longevity; I’m amazed that my perfume from 8 am routinely lasts until 8 pm. I’m adding Chanel Gardenia to my birthday wish list. Of course, anything from Chanel will do just fine!

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  1. jordan at 4:55 pm

    One of my favorite things about you is how classic your style is. It is so refined.

  2. mrsem Author at 5:02 pm

    Ha! That’s nice! It’s a family joke that I inhertited my great grandmother’s taste. Elegant…and circa 1930!