Birthday Wish List: Flowers

Birthday Wish List: Flowers

My gosh, it is turning out to be a crazy day. First I hauled across town for my orthopedic appointment. Two hours just to get a referral to a radiology and a warning that it will involve needles…long needles…inserted deep into the hip. Lovely. And the back at work, I missed my physical therapy appointment because I had a last minute pr interview with a big magazine. Whew!

Anyway, isn’t it great when you get flowers at work on your birthday? Especially nice bouquets from This site always has the best arrangements, totally devoid of extemporaneous ick like carnations, gladiolas and baby’s breath. These orange roses in a mirrored vase would look perfect in my office!

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  1. Nicole at 10:16 pm

    are you turning 80 or 27? ha ha

    whatever you think would be fun. you don’t have to decide now…just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget!

    when are you going back for your next rump appt?

  2. mrsem Author at 11:10 pm

    I have no idea what we should do for the party 🙁 Will you and Dave come out on Friday night?

    MRI is TBD which is FBM (fine by me!)

  3. Nicole at 11:15 pm

    do what you want!!! anything is fine. dinner cruise, dinner & drinks…

    let me ask him tonite…i am sure that is fine. anything for you 😉