Reader Appreciation Day Tomorrow!

Reader Appreciation Day Tomorrow!

My friend Margaret (looking gorgeous while making french-style flower arrangements in the photo to the left) is having a tough week. So I thought I would embarrass her with a little “shout out.”

Along with being extremely stylish and good at french-style flower arrangements, as we’ve already learned, Margaret is always thoughtful, really clever and a scary-good dancer. She’s always right there to help me with some harebrained scheme. She’s definitely the Ethel to my Lucy! Plus, she works every day to provide health care to underprivileged children. I think Margaret rocks!

Rebecca also rocks. She’s a reader who wrote in this weekend with some nice comments:

I’ve been reading EmilyStyle for about 6 months and I love all the ideas for parties, dinners, cards and decorations, but it took the picture of the pumpkin on MUNI for me to realize, “I need to thank this girl!” That really is the best picture ever and it totally cheered me up today and gave me a much needed laugh.

You know who else rocks? All my readers! I am officially designating tomorrow as Reader Appreciation Day. Tune in tomorrow to enter contests and win fun prizes!

PS: You can get in ahead of the crowd by sending me a favorite photo and some nice comments by email today!

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  1. Sara at 1:02 am

    i think you should have a q&a as part of reader appreciation day 🙂

    so here is my question: i need new shoes for winter! i have a pair of casual black boots (these ones
    and a pair of brown flats and im trying to decide what shoes to buy. in the ideal world (the one where graduate students get paid lots more) i would purchase:

    1 pair black dress boots with a heel
    1 pair brown dress boots with heel
    1 pair brown casual boots
    1 pair funky rain boots
    1 pair black flats
    1 pair funky colorful sneakers
    1 pair each black and brown heels

    my main winter wardrobe is currently 3 dressy dresses (dark grey, black, light grey), 1 casual blue jersy dress, a few skirts (1 casual dark green, 1 casual dark navy, 1 each dressy tweed black and brown, 1 denim), plus tops to go with these.

    so given all of that, what order would you purchase the shoes in? i need to get my priorities straight before my shopping trip 🙂

  2. Jackie at 2:25 am

    I totally agree. Margaret does rock. Plus, she makes a mean apple pie (with cinnamon).

  3. mrsem Author at 5:18 pm

    I vote for buying a really good pair of boots in dark brown with a medium heel. You can wear them with practically anything!

    Toss in a pair of rain boots from Target and you are set for winter.