What to Wear: Archery

What to Wear: Archery

One of my favorite things is coming up with the perfect outfit for a given activity or event. You name it, I will find the exact right thing that should be worn to it (albeit in my own funny way)! This fits in perfectly with my new archery hobby:

  • Cashmere cardigan – I really am obsessed with this sweater.
  • Wool skirt – I have a brown Prada skirt much like this that I bought in a thrift store last year.
  • Navy polo – A nice little layering piece with a collar.
  • Leather boots – Flat enough to wear comfortably all day but still a bit attractive. With tights of course.
  • Wool tote – I could fit a few arrows in there.

That’s not too over the top…just imagine if I threw in this matching hat! All I need is a German shorthaired pointer to complete this outfit. Ha!

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  1. Jean at 1:21 am

    Have you seen “Weatherman” with Nicholas Cage? He is into archery as well! Isn’t there some heptathlon or something with archery as one of the parts? You are 1/7th of the way there!