Things I Love Today: Sapien Bookcase

Things I Love Today: Sapien Bookcase

I’m so excited! I ordered a Sapien bookcase yesterday from the DWR near my office. It should arrive next week!

That makes two new bookcases ordered in the last four days. What a huge improvement from our current method of book storage: one overstuffed shelf and many piles of books all over the apartment. I may actually be able to buy new books without feeling guilty!

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  1. Catherine Nash at 2:12 am

    The more I see these, the more I like.

    But…riddle me this. Design within reach? Within WHOSE reach, I’d like to know?!

  2. mrsem Author at 3:39 pm

    It’s very carefully named…”design within reach” not “design affordable” or “design decent price” 🙂

  3. e at 10:32 pm

    some thoughts on the physics of book storage:

    i’m a little concerned about the sapien bookcase. as much as i like the look of stacked books, i don’t think it’s a safe storing method. libraries only stack books if they are extremely large and need the entire shelf to support their weight. the problem with this bookcase is that the shelves aren’t large enough for the big coffee table books featured in the catalogue pictures. if you factor in gravity, the weight won’t be distributed through the entire book and therefore may cause warping over time. i can’t back this up with proof, but it seems that this type of bookcase should only be used for books that are the same size or smaller than the shelf. just something to keep in mind when deciding which books to put on it. ideally, books should be stored upright and not to tight together. unless they are fragile or have asian-style binding, then they should probably be put in conservation boxes first.

  4. Anonymous at 5:16 am

    Haven’t had any problems of any kind after one year…no warped books…nothing has ever fallen…etc., etc… Go out and buy this!

  5. danae at 5:35 pm

    Never had a problem either. Place the big books at the bottom, then I place the rest all over, the placement does not have to be symmetrical. It is very sturdy and heavy and easy to install. Saves a lot of space!!