Books on Blog: Baby Shower Brunch

Books on Blog: Baby Shower Brunch

Another day another exciting installment from the 1960 entertainment book, Brunches and Coffees. Today, we’re learning how to throw a baby shower:

Everyone loves a baby shower. However, only good friends of the guest of honor should be invited. Most people are embarrassed to receive gifts from mere acquaintances. Your own dearest friend, if not a close friend of the lady-in-waiting, shouldn’t be miffed if she is not invited.

This is no time for sophisticated table decorations. Your arrangements should be as tenderly executed as a delicately pink and blue as you can make it. Place a “Rock-a-Bye Baby” doll in a tiny cradle and swing it in a make believe tree, easily fashioned from a branch from your garden. Anchor the branch in a sturdy pin holder and camouflage the base with sweetheart roses.

Another clever centerpiece can be made in a baby’s warming dish [ed: what on earth?!] – the kind with a base to be filled with hot water. Anchor carnations and baby’s breath into chicken wire fixed in the dish. This arrangement, container and all, can be given to the guest of honor to take home afterwards, a lovely gift an one sure to be useful later.

Make the place mats from juvenile wall paper [ed: great idea!] and scallop them around the edges. Choose napkins which match the background color.

Menu: Melon balls in parfait glasses, chicken mushroom casserole, english muffins, marmalade, currant jelly, coffee.

More fun with carnations and chicken wire! Next: A Back to Glamor Coffee (for teenagers!) including a recipe for “non-fattening” bacon bran muffins.

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  1. Jessica at 8:16 pm

    That Rock-A-Bye-Baby centerpiece is pretty clever! I’m looking forward to the coffee ideas.

  2. Anonymous at 9:34 pm

    Baby’s warming dish – bottle warmer!

  3. Patricia at 10:15 pm

    My grandma always used a baby’s warming dish. The bottom bit is for water and the top is for food. You fill the bottom of the bowl with warm water so baby’s food doesn’t get cold.