Things I Love Today: Free Champagne

Things I Love Today: Free Champagne

If you were particularly clever, you could probably arrange to attend a free cocktail party every single night in San Francisco. There’s always an event planner or PR person somewhere with a bottle of champagne and a clipboard.

Last night, Calie invited me to a Mont Blanc store opening reception co-sponsored by San Francisco Magazine (where her friend works). $700 pens? No, thank you. Delicious free appetizers each topped with little flakes of gold leaf? Yes, please!

As you can tell by the background in this photo, it was quite the society scene. At one point a very fancy, blonde septugenerian came over to compliment me on my high waisted white skirt ($30, Club Monaco) and said that she “bought two just like it at Prada this season.” And that it is fortunate that the current weather is so nice because she just had to cancel her trip to her New York apartment.

I got her name, but have now forgotten it. I’ll check the society pages next month to see who she is. It was an “up-among them” moment for sure!

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  1. amber at 8:06 pm

    super swanky! oh, you should hae told the blonde society chic that you actually have 3 of the Prada skirts, thank you very much.

  2. mamacita at 9:23 pm

    Dede Wilsey!? Just kidding. Have you read “Oh The Glory of It All?” A definite must-read for San Fran.