Things I Love Today: Sharpies

Things I Love Today: Sharpies

As an early birthday present to myself, I bought a 24-pack of Sharpies at Target last weekend. Is there anything in this world quite as nice as a new set of markers?

Like a good rock climber, I promptly “claimed” my new markers with a piece of orange duct tape around the end of each pen. Oh, the funny things Rob has taught me!

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  1. love.boxes at 11:15 pm

    I love sharpies. I always use them to sign things like checks and other things that you’d want to be permanent. Plus, I like to use bright turquoise.. it’s so pretty!

  2. amber at 8:14 pm

    we have some new, fancy style sharpies at work that you press down like a ballpoint pen, very neat.