What to Wear: Summer

What to Wear: Summer

I have a hard time choosing outfits for warm weather. My Scottish nature does better bundled up. Christina has the same issue:

I love the winter, and I love dressing for cold weather. I have lots of warm clothes, and more importantly, outfits for warm clothes. Unfortunately, it’s been strangely warm lately, and it’s only February! I always dread this time of the year. I can never find anything cute and fun to wear for warm/hot weather. I usually end up in a T-shirt and jeans.

I think a part of this is that I’m quite curvy, and winter clothes help me cover up. Summer clothes do not. The shortest hem I’m willing to go for is knee-length, and I also like to have at least a short sleeve (even a cap sleeve). Tanks and camis are too upper-arm-baring. Cleavage is fine. Do you have any suggestions for flattering warm-weather must-haves and outfit combinations? Thanks!

I’ve been coveting the bright dresses and light jackets so many women in San Francisco have reached for on these warm days.

Dress – Toss on this little lovely for work or Sunday brunch.
Jacket – This lightweight top is great all summer long. Order two sizes up from Tulle.
Flats – Just try to have a bad day in these patterned and bedazzled shoes.
Bag – From Urban Outfitters.
Necklace – Inexpensive and bright beads.
Sunglasses – So important.

Covered up but still dressed up for warmer temps.

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  1. Christina at 2:01 am

    Thanks, Emily! I really appreciate you coming through for me. I never even thought about wearing dresses for summer, and a light, short-sleeved jacket is a great idea!

    I’ll definitely shop for dresses and short-sleeved cover-ups soon.

    Thanks again!

  2. love.boxes at 2:07 am

    Love that outfit. I love short sleeve sweaters and especially hoodies. That dress is so bright and pretty!

  3. Kate F. at 4:12 pm

    I feel like Boden is a great new (US-new, at least) resource for this stuff. Their catalogue is full of happy fresh-feeling outfits, and the website has some really nice ideas, too. They are also big on lightweight cardigans and things that help you cover up. I ordered a couple things and was pleased by the quality. I think it’s http://www.bodenusa.com ?