Wedding Wednesday: The Day

Wedding Wednesday: The Day

Wedding Wednesday is early because I’m off on a spa day!

It’s funny, of all the things I’ve planned for this wedding…the actual wedding timeline hasn’t received that much thought. Ha ha….okay, now I going to freak out.

We had been planning on the ceremony starting at 2:30. But that time looks a little weird on the invitations instead of an even “o’clock.” Plus, that’s six hours of wedding and reception. A long time for guests to commit, even it if it is a super fabulous party.

Sooo….back to the drawing board? Let’s see:

2:00 – Shuttle from parking area starts.
3:00 – Ceremony.
3:15 – Ceremony actually begins…stragglers!
3:40 – Ceremony ends. Cocktail hour.
5:00 – Dinner.
6:30 – Dinner ends. Cake and coffee are served.
7:00 – Variety show.
8:30 – Grand finale. Guests leave.

I’m such a detailed planner that just thinking about this nitty-gritty schedule for this day makes me stress out. Once I get this piece done, I can build it out for the morning of and day before and start doling out tasks to generous helpers.

What do you think? Does anyone have a timeline for their wedding that they loved?

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  1. Miche at 7:07 am

    It was oh sooo looong agoooo….but our ceremony was scheduled for 4:30. I remember struggling with the ‘half past’ bit on our invites, as well. Ceremony really started at 4:45…cocktails until 6ish and then the rest of the evening went until 10. IF i remember correctly!

    5 PM seems too early for dinner to me – do you have to be out of the venue by 9 PM?

  2. Katie at 2:46 pm

    I really loved my timeline, but our ceremony and reception were in different places so it won’t make much sense for your event.

    Your timeline looks just great. My only suggestion is make sure you have a good 45 minutes to take pictures of you and Rob right after your ceremony. We did that and the pictures from that time turned out SO great becuase we were just SO happy and it showed on film.

  3. Meg at 8:33 pm

    I’d say don’t take lots of pictures aftewards… you look happy, but your guests will start looking very grumpy. You can always just take a few.
    But, from my event planning days, I suggest assigning teams of people to tasks, with blocks of time for set up. It’s the right mix between flexable and detailed, I find. And put someone ELSE in charge day of, totally totally in charge.
    I hadn’t thought of stragglers. Smart!