What to Wear: Sundress

What to Wear: Sundress

Ignoring the fact that it is currently 55 degrees outside in foggy San Francisco for a moment, let’s think of warmer days. I bought this sundress at Old Navy last weekend for my honeymoon collection. I don’t normally wear this sort of thing, so I’m planning ahead.

Dress – So cute for only $24!
Hat – I have zero tolerance for the sun.
Sandal – I love the look of these on other people, not sure how they do on my twiggy pale legs.
Sunglasses – My latest aviator acquisition.

Will I fit right in in Santa Fe? Will I automatically insist on carrying a cardigan with me everywhere just in case the “fog rolls in.”

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  1. Alicia at 4:07 pm

    Cute dress! I would definitely recommend the cardigan/pashmina mentality for your honeymoon esp in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming (I think you said that’s part of your route). It can get pretty chilly at night in late September/early October. Happy Planning!

  2. Jessica at 5:35 pm

    Sigh, Santa Fe. It was actually pretty chilly when we were there for our honeymoon in early October of ’06. Definitely need that cardigan if you’ll be out after sundown.

  3. Austin at 4:13 am

    You will be pleased to know, I’m sure, that you can wear ANYTHING and fit in in Santa Fe with one exception: massive turquoise Indian jewelry. Only then will you look like a tourist.
    That said, the ensemble is lovely, the hat is perfect for our blazing sun, and you will definitely want a cardigan/pashmina for the chilly fall breezes once the sun gets low.