I Voted!

…and it was awesome! I put on a blue tweed skirt and red sweater and waited for an hour in the cold morning outside the fire station. It was sunny after yesterday’s rain, just like predicted. The line of about 50 people – dressed up and antsy – would occasionally be broken up to let the red ladder trucks out to the street. There were twice as many poll workers as normal, mostly young women. Cars on their way to work honked at the crowd.

Our ballot in San Francisco is three pages long, front and back. Altogether: six seats to vote on, 12 state propositions and 22 city propositions. Whew! I definitely earned my multi-lingual “I voted!” sticker this time. Only a few more nervous hours to go…

Please, get out there and vote today!

PS: I loved this from the Daily Show election countdown blog:
“Zero days until the election. Zero: The number of times in our nation’s 232 year history, as of the time of writing, that the country — despite being originally populated by dark-skinned Eurasian migrants, having a multi-continental populace going back longer than the country itself, currently boasting a citizenry with genetic ties to every conceivable place in the world, and a roughly equal (though leaning female) gender breakdown — has seen fit to elect a non-white, non-male person as either its president or vice president. Today is the last day in our nation’s history that we’ll ever have to admit that again.”

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  1. mamacita at 4:53 am

    How much do I love you for dressing up (in red, white and blue!) for voting today? I tried to do the same, but was a little lacking in the colors department. But I did make a little, tiny effort.