Vacation Wrap-Up: Christmas

Vacation Wrap-Up: Christmas

Having all this time off for the holidays was a real luxury. I feel like I’ve been on vacation for ages and I’ve had so much time to connect with friends and family.

Let’s see…way back on Christmas Eve, Rob and I drove down south after work and arrived to a living room packed with family and friends. We shared a big dungeness crab dinner with artichokes and sourdough bread. The ends of the sourdough loaves were converted to elf ears by my niece:

Christmas morning the next day was a lot of fun. We each received customized stockings courtesy of a very clever Santa. Even my little nephew’s pet praying mantis received a few bugs. After opening gifts, we were tremendously lazy; spending the whole day working on puzzles, reading and playing board games.

We had a fantastic Christmas dinner of a roast my brother cooked all day. We opened our crackers, put on our tissue crowns and then the power promptly went out for the rest of the night. I think candlelight dinner and dish-washing should be a new annual tradition.

Throw in a little shopping, a mini-reunion with old high school friends, a long trip to the beach and hunting for hermit crabs and that pretty much wraps up our perfect California Christmas weekend:

PS: Don’t forget Comments-for-Cans ends on the 7th!

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