Wedding Wednesday: Farm at Putah Creek

Wedding Wednesday: Farm at Putah Creek

A new possible wedding venue has emerged! The Farm at Putah Creek is a part of the Center for Land-Based Learning – a program that teaches kids about agriculture. Rob and I actually rode by this lovely building on our Davis bike ride in January and Jackie is connected to someone who works there.

It seems like a great option but I can’t seem to find a single wedding or wedding photo from the venue online. Anyone?

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  1. Cari at 2:02 pm

    Just from this one picture, it looks like a nice venue for a wedding. F.Y.I. I love your wedding posts since I am currently planning my own. Even though mine is on the East Cost, I like a lot of your ideas and finds.

    P.S. When you have time, be sure to check out my new blog. It’s not much yet but it’s new.

  2. Sara at 3:45 pm

    my little brother’s farm is on center for land based learning land! i could ask him to help if you need it.

  3. mrsem Author at 3:58 pm

    Of course! I should have guessed that you, as part of Davis royalty, would have connections to the center!

  4. Haley v. at 5:44 pm

    Has she nailed down a date yet? I can’t wait!

  5. Mary Kimball at 10:02 pm

    Hello! As Executive Director of CLBL, thanks for checking out the Farm! There are lots of photos on our website – under the virtual tour. It is true though, that there is not a lot of actual weddings. We do have more piks of weddings, but they are not all up.

  6. mrsem Author at 10:36 pm

    Hi Mary! Thanks for the comment. If you want to email me some of those wedding photos, I’d love to take a look. Otherwise, I think you’ll be hearing from my sister soon.