What to Wear: Business Trip to China

What to Wear: Business Trip to China

Karen is about to invest her wardrobe for an international business trip:

I always love the outfits you put together for your readers. I am a 35-year-old mom who also works as an editor of a business publication. My look, at home and at work, is very casual. A lot of my clothes are from JCrew, the Gap, etc. I am going on a business trip next month to China. I hate dressing for business because I never feel like myself. I was thinking of investing in a black pantsuit but would love tips on how to accessorize it.

The conference I am going to is three days long and I would love to incorporate the suit or at least pieces of it into multiple days. I will also be on my feet a lot and I will most likely have to go directly out to business dinners. I am short, about 5-2 and usually wear a 4 or a 6.

Michelle Obama is great at mixing and matching business pieces in a way that never feels stuffy. The trick is to wear the pieces as separates for everything except the most formal meetings.

Suit – Buy the skirt, pants and blazer for a suit that you love. Make sure all three pieces are in exactly the same fabric and each work well on their own. It might take some time to find just the right thing. This set from J.Crew seems well cut and reasonably priced. I personally prefer navy or dark gray over black, finding it easier to coordinate with other colors.
Sweater – A pretty gray cardigan on sale paired with a basic cami and a wide belt.
Shirt – A bright basic from J.Crew on sale.
Pencil Skirt – Mix it up with tweed and other patterned suiting pieces.
Top – A delicate floral top from Kohl’s.
Earrings – Studs from Anthropologie.
Pumps – Comfortable brown pumps from Sooft and a second pair in vintage-styled gray.

There you have it! Instant work wardrobe based on one simple suit.

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  1. Sara at 2:55 pm

    very nice!

    i also highly recommend Eagle Creek packing folders (or whatever brand) for traveling with suits and other business wear. They really keep things from getting wrinkled!

  2. Amanda at 4:34 pm

    The grey suit idea is a great one, E! I never feel quite like myself in a black one.