Sale Alert: Bloomingdale’s

I’m a sucker for a great sale. The ladies at Bunnyshop posted that Bloomingdale’s is having a promotion for 40% off $500+ or 25% off $250 to $499 through June 18th. And that includes items that are already on sale along with free shipping. I’m in the process of changing jobs (stressful! exciting!) and needed new clothes anyway.

So I picked up this adorable navy belted dress, this dress in blue which will hopefully be slightly less vampy on my less curvy figure and these black jeans I’ve been coveting since December.

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  1. Katie at 11:02 pm

    What? You're starting a new job too? Small world.

    Oh how I wish I could buy new clothes instead of scrimping every stinking penny for this new house…

  2. Lesley at 11:37 pm

    I can attest to the sale since I work at Bloomingdale's. It's their Private Sale today through the 18th. 15% off if you open a card with them, plus you get four $25 coupons to use on $100 or more.