What to Wear: Working in Scotland

What to Wear: Working in Scotland

More catching up on the What to Wear queue this week! Andrea has a fun summer ahead:

First off, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. You give me so much inspiration in fashion, decorating, and life! I’m hoping you can give me just a little more inspiration.

I’m working on my MBA in Monterey and will be spending this summer as an intern working at the corporate headquarters of my family’s dairy business in Scotland. Since graduate school translates to a life of jeans and sweaters, I’m not really prepared for dressing in the corporate world yet.

Add to that the eating habits of a graduate student who found herself on the wrong end of a breakup and I’ve found myself down to a size six, which I’ve never been in my life. Needless to say, my wardrobe is a clean slate and I’d like to start rebuilding it with more grown-up clothes.

Luckily, Scotland and Monterey have similar weather so I won’t have to worry about buying for separate climates. The only hitch comes from the weight restriction for my luggage and the size of bank account. I’d love a few ideas to help me dress for the corporate world that aren’t too stuffy, but don’t peg me for the underdressed American either.

It’d be even better if some of the pieces could do double duty for sightseeing around the UK. I already have a few pieces that I know are coming with me: a pair of black Editor Pants from Express, brown pants, a couple short sleeved coats/blazers in black and white, and this skirt in black from Forever 21. I know I’m going to be taking advantage of the dropping exchange rate while I’m there and buying a few choice British pieces, but I just wanted some advice on what to start off my trip with and go from there.

Oh, lordy. I have to be restrained from sending Andrea to Scotland decked entirely in corduroy, plaid and wool. Remember, she needs an outfit, not an (awesome!) costume.

Pants – Her own pair of black trousers.
Sweater – A pretty colored short sleeve sweater on sale at Gap.
Jacket – A linen (summer’s tweed) piece on sale from J.Crew.
Brooch – Scottish thistle.
Pumps – A little tailored detail and an ankle strap, these are too cute.
Bag – Not super practical, but I love it.
Earrings – Silver knots.

Switch in a pair of matchstick jeans and comfy flats and this outfit works for sightseeing adventures too.

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  1. Sara at 2:00 pm

    very cute!!

    and i would recommend Mimi Berry as a good choice for a bag to pick up in the UK (http://www.mimiberry.co.uk/)
    I have the "Honey" and "Domino" and both are practical and stylish.

  2. scottybecca at 3:13 pm

    As an American who has been living over in Scotland (Edinburgh) for the past two years I can tell you with all honesty to not worry about it too much. As long as you look nice you'll be way ahead of the curve. Scotland is a gorgeous country and it's people are comfortable and a little slouchy. Business casual is basically black pants, button down shirt and a sweater. There are a few people who dress very "smart" but the mass majority of people just look fairly comfortable. This isn't London and you will need a very good jacket. Monterey gets cold but if you're going to be here in the winter you'll want to invest in a very good coat – spend the $$ it's worth it – and some wellies.
    BTW Emily – LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  3. lindsey at 4:54 pm

    I also live in Scotland (Aberdeen) which is a wee further north than Edinburgh, but I have to jump in and agree with scottybecca about getting a good, waterproof coat. I brought a nice trench coat from Eddie Bauer's (of all places) with me when I moved here and I wore it almost every day to work up until last week!

    Also, you'll be able to find great (very cute) wellies here for a good price. They are nice to have for the real rainy days, and stylish over a pair of straight legged jeans in the fall.

    I'd also invest in some good jeans. I've struggled a bit to find jeans that fit me and aren't too 'extreme'. I don't want the skinny-skinny jeans and I don't want mom jeans, so it's been hard to find a pair that I love. Also, the sizing is all different so it makes it harder to even pick what to bring into the dressing room with you.

    Scottish people are lovely. Good luck in Scotland Andrea! We love it here.