To Do: Tweedy Tandem

To Do: Tweedy Tandem

A fellow tweed-rider snapped this impromptu photo of Rob and me on our tandem bike back in September. We were heading down Valencia Street in costume toward an outdoor movie. This is the same rickety bike with baskets that we take to work every day.

In the larger version I think I bear a small resemble my elegant great grandmother – especially in one particular photo of her in profile riding a horse. She was better about “wearing” her nose than me.

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  1. Aviva at 5:07 pm

    this is a fantastic picture! I am also very impressed with your ability to ride in a skirt – I hope to get to that level of urban cycling confidence one day. 🙂

  2. Schwang at 3:07 am

    This is such a great picture; I really like how you promote urban cycling and look so elegant while biking! We live in Chicago and I've just picked up on the urban cycling thing. So many people think you need to be decked out in lycra, but I've been learning it's just as easy to ride in everyday clothes.