To Do:Make your Own Muesli

To Do:Make your Own Muesli

I’ve been enjoying “nordic muesli” from Ikea for breakfast all week. It’s like granola, but healthier because the oats aren’t doused in sugar and oil.

Once we’ve finished our stash, i think I’ll try making it on my own. Just combined rolled oats with a couple kinds of healthy cereal, dried fruits and nuts. Sunset has an appealing recipe.

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  1. Jill at 5:17 pm

    I've been loving muesli these days! I make my own, similar to what you suggest, but I add fresh fruit (satsumas, apples and bananas!).

  2. erica at 1:52 am

    i've been making granola, and you're right, lots of honey, brown rice syrup, and sugar!

    i guess i can just mix rolled oats with nuts and dried fruit and keep it in a container instead. too bad my granola is so yummy, it's going to be hard to eat less of it.

  3. Ellen at 10:01 pm

    MMMM. I started making my own muesli two weeks ago and can't get enough of it. It's such a delightful breakfast and so filling, which is a big thing I aim for with breakfasts. And sometimes I eat it at other times because it is just. so. good.

  4. Anonymous at 3:48 pm

    It's kind of funny to read this post and all the comments, because I have actually wondered what the difference between muesli and granola is, apparently it's the sweet stuff. I am incidentally from Sweden, and I quite often just crumple some traditional hard bread (knäckebröd) over my yoghurt and sweeten with jam or bananas or other fresh or dried fruits (just the bread would be quite dull).