Weekend Round-Up: Winter Showers

Weekend Round-Up: Winter Showers

Ugh, the weather this weekend was the pits. Super cold, rainy and overcast. On Friday night, it was in the 40’s and rainy, so Rob and I just went home after work instead of trying for a movie.

The next morning, we had a quick breakfast and braved the rain to run an errand in San Mateo. While down south, Rob and I shopped for a new dining room table at a couple antique stores and then had lunch at my favorite spot: Little Sichuan. Yum! Smoked pork with chinese broccoli, ma po tofu and spicy shredded potatoes.
Back at home, we cranked up the heater and swore to not leave the house again. But after watching a movie (Exit through the Gift Shop) and lounging about, I got cabin fever. We bundled up and braved the rain for a round of errands. To the art store, the fabric store, Macy’s, Old Navy and H&M. It was a zoo downtown with the umbrellas and parade traffic – I loved the bustle.
On our way home, it stopped raining so Rob and I stopped to watch the parade. Year of the Rabbit was awesome for cute kids dressed up as bunnies.
Breakfast in bed the next morning with the Sunday paper and coffee. I used the leftovers from lunch to make a Sichuan fry up: scrambled eggs with rice and chili oil, spicy hashbrowns and smoked pork.
Rob and I walked to farmer’s market after breakfast. More parsnips and other winter staples. So nice to have a break from the rain.
Back at home to drop off the supplies and add more layers. Rob and I decided to go “adventuring” – starting with walking to pick up Margaret in Russian Hill. Quite steep!

With Margaret in tow, we went to Swensen’s for some classic San Francisco ice cream. My grandmother loved this place and used to cut out the windows of the paper trolleys that the kids meals came in for our dolls. I got a “sticky chewey chocolate” hot fudge sundae.

From there, we wandered all around like Dennis the Menace. Through North Beach, very packed Chinatown, to the Ferry Building for Acme bread, and then to Yerba Buena center. We watched the sun go down on the park while waiting to see Cedar Rapids. Pretty good little movie. Home and to bed early.
Monday! Rob and I had oatmeal and grapefruit for breakfast while working in our pajamas. We were going to go for a hike, but he got called in to work. I spent 90 minutes on the trainer and then worked in the poor garden for a few hours. The frost and hail this winter has really done a number on things. Spring is hopefully just around the corner.
Walked to the store in the afternoon (still freezing out) and then miscellaneous chores. I love a quiet afternoon alone!

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  1. Sarah at 11:40 pm

    I love your blog. I live vicariously through you. 🙂 I lived in Belmont, CA for 5 years back in the early 90's and LOVED it there. I always wanted to "grow up" and live in SF. As it turned out, fate had other plans and I now live in MA. But I just love to hear the fun things you do and share on your website. Especially this post, it's the perfect kind of weekend that I had envisioned for myself. 🙂