Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy Birthday Rob!

To my very favorite person ever: 5 things that are wonderful about you in celebration of your birthday:

1. Spirit of adventure. Its hard to believe how many places we’ve gone and things we’ve seen. This photo of Yellowstone “cocktail hour” during our road-trip honeymoon is a favorite.
2. Your fine romance. Example: when you carved a heart in the snow bank with your pole when we were exhausted, soaking wet and bruised at the end of our long ski last weekend.
3. Good day sunshine. Every morning, you wake me up by saying “up, up, up” and make coffee for our breakfast while we sit by the window. I’m not a morning person, but I love this ritual.
4. Manly man. Archery, hiking, skiing, disaster response, mountain biking, duct tape, rock climbing – you love all the manly things in life. But you still gladly go to the opera with me and visit the Alameda antique fair.
5. Friend-for-all. So admirably kind and generous to our friends. Always ready to help with a move, dress up for a dinner party, fly to Graceland, pick out the perfect new bike, arrange chairs for a wedding or give a toast.
Happy birthday, darling!

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  1. Anonymous at 3:29 pm

    Wish Rob a very happy birthday from us! Hugs, Dave, Genny and Josh

  2. Lori's Family at 5:38 pm

    I love reading your blog and your weekend adventures. It reminds me to plan fun interesting weekends but keep them simple and sweet. You are a cool beautiful couple. A perfect match. Happy Birthday Rob! You need to share how you two met sometime:)