Weekend Round-Up: Foggy Summer

Weekend Round-Up: Foggy Summer

It’s amazing how good we humans are at adapting.   My “life explosion” that started two weeks ago with reorgs at work, the promotion and my sister, brother-in-law and two dogs moving in with us is already starting to feel very normal.

Friday marked the 11th anniversary of Rob and I meeting each other. How time flies!   I arrived home to a big gift basket and flowers from him to celebrate.  Rob and I and Jean and Trent dressed up as twins for Bike Party and rode out to Glen Park. Brrr….it was SO cold.

The ride took us up to the top of Twin Peaks, which was even colder.  It must have been about 48 degrees on top of the mountain with whipping wind and the fog turning into rain as it hit the radio tower.  A bonding experience 😉

We rode down to Diamond Heights and manned a turn on the route. By the time all the riders made it through, we were popsicles.  Quick ride home to close out the evening with popcorn and hot tea.

On Saturday, we had a lazy morning with egg tacos cooked up by Jean and Trent.  At 11, they took the dogs to the park and Rob and I went to volunteer with V-O-Cal at Golden Gate Park.  A super friendly group of volunteers got us set up with t-shirts and yard tools. We spent just over two hours vigorously ripping out invasive ivy in the Oak Woodlands.

Maybe a little vigorously. I tend to get wrapped up in the moment with this sort of thing. Once we got to the car, I noticed some blisters on my fingers and a very sore back.

Back at home, Rob and I cleaned up. I found more than one leaf in my hair 🙂   Jean and I walked down to the nail salon to indulge in long pedicures. Then, we hit up Bloomingdale’s to shop the sale and explored the mall a bit.  The free light show in the dome about the history of SF is worth checking out. Back at home around 6:00, all four of us teamed up to make a big dinner with breaded tilapia tacos, homemade salsa and kale salad.  We watched It’s Kind of a Funny Story, which was cute, before calling it a night.

Sunday morning, Jean, Trent, Rob and I slept in and then lazed about reading the paper.  We decided to go to Stinson Beach to escape the fog. Getting Rob out the door on bike, the car loaded up and the dogs ready took a good amount of time. We made it to the ocean at nearly 2:00.  Umbrellas an and read chairs set up, Rob went to get us gourmet sandwiches from a stand nearby.  The dogs ran around while we ate, read and watched the fog retreat.

We left the beach at 4 and picked up Nicole in the Marina on our way back home. Rob, Nicole and I peeled off to go see the new Batman movie downtown. I liked the nearly-3-hour flick more than I thought I would.

Jean and Trent were waiting to have a late dinner with us when we returned at 9. Big bowls of mushroom pasta before turning in.

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  1. Steph at 2:49 pm

    Hey I've been meaning to email you but I wanted to tell you congrats on your promotion. So thrilled for you. Next time I'm in town I'd love to see you. xoxo!