Welcome to Queenstown, NZ!

Welcome to Queenstown, NZ!

I’ve been in New Zealand for just about 24 hours now with remarkably light jetlag considering the near 28 hours of travel it took to get here. The time change is such that I’m just a few hours behind California – ignoring the fact that it’s an entirely different day of the week here.

Fernhill Neighborhood of Queenstown

We’re staying in the Fernhill neighborhood, a bit outside the main town because everything was booked up with Chinese New Year’s visitors, in a house with a gorgeous 180 degree view of the lake. Our friendly Airbnb host is intent of feeding me and the bump as many croissants with jam as we can possible fit.

My initial impression of New Zealand reminds me of the funny question people from other places sometime ask of Californians: “Do you surf to school?” Except, here it really is true. There are hiking and mountain bike trails through the woods that serve as pedestrian highways across town. Sport is a way of life in this town. Rob loves it!

Bike trail Queenstown NZ

Queenstown’s main industry seems to be the production of shiny fliers advertising everything from bungee jumping to jetboats to Lord of the Rings tours. There may be 20 sheep for every person in New Zealand – but I think travel package fliers are more like 50 to 1.

Fernhill to Queenstown hike path

Our first day was pretty mellow.¬† After taking the affordable shuttle van to our house. I took a long nap, caught up on work and walked to town. I had some gelato from Mrs. Ferg’s before meeting Rob at his conference. Went to dinner with a friendly colleague who gave us great tips on where to go and what to see. Bused and walked back home under lots of stars. I haven’t spotted the Southern Cross yet.

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