Dear Lucille – Month Three

Dear Lucille – Month Three

My gosh, you are good at growing! Looking at these photos from the last month, it is easy to see how quickly you became much taller and plumper. You’re 99th percentile in height and at least 13 lbs.

You’ve also added all kinds of new skills. You started off the month learning how to hold things in your hand and now you’re a pro at batting and grabbing things in your path. You have even started grabbing my hair.


You’re wearing 6-9 month clothes already. Most of your pajamas last about two weeks before they’re too small. I halfway expect to see you ripped out of them – hulk-style -in the mornings. Are you and your cousin Eleanor going to be giant Amazon women? Jean and I call this photo of you guys #springbreak2037


We spent two weeks at your grandparent’s house in San Luis Obispo this month. You take watching the birds outside the window very seriously.


You saw it rain for the first time this month and went in your first hot spring bath.


And even braved the elements one weekend to watch your father’s rainy cyclocross race in Marin. Good practice for Iceland next month!


People who heard about our tough birth story keep sending you presents from all across the country. You are one lucky girl to have so many people cheering you on. I write thank you notes constantly.


I had my final post-partum doctor’s appointment this month. Its just amazing how quickly I recovered from the trauma. Not yet 100% but really close. The more research I do about what happened (probably an Amniotic Fluid Embolism) the more grateful I feel to a) be alive and b) not permanently damaged. We are SO lucky.


The biggest change this month is that I went back to work. You have a lovely nanny, Stella, who comes for four hours a day to help. I have a new employee, Sal, who works from the house twice a week. Add in the housekeeper and people are always coming and going – I love it!


You continue to be an amazing sleeper in your little moses basket by our bed. Most nights you sleep from 8:30 to about 5 and then back for several more hours. Stella does a lot of watching you sleep during her shift.


You continue to love talking and are learning to blow bubbles. Your favorite is a throaty gurgle and an “ah-goo” sound.


You spent time this month with Shane, Margaret and your teenage Ruddell cousins.


The boys absolutely adore you and flock around you. You love watching them play legos.


Another title for this month could have been “a series of unfortunate rashes.” You may have picked up roseola from cousin Eleanor and definitely have sensitivity to laundry detergents. I think we have it at bay now. Despite the pediatrician saying it is normal for babies your age to go a week without pooping, you run like clockwork twice a day. This is what happened when we made the mistake of driving with you in the car during one of your “diaper hours.” While a nun and a retired couple at the rest stop watched, you decimated two outfits, three diapers and half the Sunday New York Times


You are getting much better at tummy-time and will go a whole three minutes before crying now.


We dressed you up as a seal for Halloween and took you trick-or-treating in Palo Alto with your cousins.


You are so cute! You might have had your first laugh when your dad was making raspberries on your belly – but it hasn’t happened again yet.


Thanks for being such a nice baby!


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