What to Wear: So Cold!

What to Wear: So Cold!

Being a born and raised California girl this week’s cold snap has put me into an absolute panic! A high of 53 degrees? Time to build an igloo…or even worse, wear pants.

  • Pants – Dark brown pants from DVF will keep my legs warm!
  • Turtleneck – Okay, so this is maybe not the warmest sweater choice out there. But it sure is cute. I bet you could fit a bit of silk long underwear underneath it.
  • Coat – Victoria’s Secret is having a great coat sale. I’ve been dying for one in teal like this and got a great deal. Free shipping too (enter “Joy” at checkout)!
  • Flats – Adorable in oxblood leather. Pair them with socks.
  • Scarf – The warmest looking scarf and gloves I could find.
  • Purse – I’ve been really happy with this white Michael Kors bag. It has held up well against the city grime for the last few months.

Stay warm out there!

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  1. MissScientistSF at 8:04 pm

    Hehehe, we had a daytime high of 70 degrees here today. I am wearing a pencil skirt with a light sweater. AWESOME. But it’ll get cold soon, I’m sure. Hang in there!

  2. Eric at 8:23 am


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