Gem Focus: Amethyst

Gem Focus: Amethyst

One of my very favorite pieces of jewelry is a rose gold and amethyst cocktail ring Rob bought me. It’s big, very 1970’s and a definite statement! Amethyst has always been one of my favorite gems. My mother wore a beautiful, understated amethyst ring for many years.

Amethysts were a favorite with ancient Greeks, who thought that the gemstone prevented drunkenness. It is a birthstone for those born in February and is the official stone for “Wednesday.” I like it because it is purple without being PURPLE. Here are some great examples:

Amethyst cabochon and pearl earrings – Amethysts with seed pearls is a favorite combination and I love the subtlety of cabochons. Lovely earrings from for $650.

Amethyst bracelet – Don’t laugh, JC Penney actually has some nice basic pieces. You certainly can’t beat the price! This bracelet is $70 and you can get matching earrings for $80.

Tiffany Amethyst Earrings – So lovely when paired with gold in this turn of the century design. $650 from The Met.

Amethyst and Seed Pearl Set – My heart really skipped a beat when I saw this lovely four piece set. Too bad it is for sale at Bonhams in the UK instead of the US for around $1,500.

Paloma Amethyst Ring – I’m not usually a huge fan of Tiffany jewelery but I do like this simple ring from the Paloma Picasso collection. This size is $850 and it also comes in a larger version.

I need to go hide my credit cards. All this talk of jewelry has me feeling very tempted!

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  1. love.boxes at 11:15 pm

    JC Penny and Sears are learning from Target. Just because you sell cheap stuff doesn’t mean that it has to be garbage. It’s all about design.