Weekend Round-Up: The Doomed Paint Job that Wasn’t

Weekend Round-Up: The Doomed Paint Job that Wasn’t

Hooray! This was my first paint project that wasn’t a complete disaster! And it fit neatly into the rest of my weekend plans.

Friday night, Rob and I met Matt at the climbing gym. We roped up for an hour or so and I did a 10b onsight! Back at home at 7-ish to rest up for a couple hours. At 9:30, we took the subway downtown to watch You Go First at the Fringe Festival. The theater was super tiny – about 20 seats – but the improv was pretty impressive. Back home on the train at 11:30.

Rob left early the next morning for his first Neighborhood Emergency Responder Training session. After a little breakfast, I walked down to the Ace Hardware to buy painting supplies. I carried home one gallon each of Caraway Seed and Grassland satin paint and got to work. At 3:30, I had finished the first coat of both the top and bottom colors. And didn’t even step in the paint!

Rob arrived home shortly thereafter and we walked down to Portrero Hill for a friend’s BBQ at Il Pirata. Two pigs were on the grill and the beer was flowing. It was nice to hang out with our co-workers.

Sunday morning, Rob and I both woke up rather early. After a quick coffee and poppy seed cake breakfast, we painted the second coat. Finished at 11:00, I went for an hour long pedicure at Dolci. A couple of paint touch-ups (still no stepping in the paint!) before making a healthy bok choy and shitake udon lunch.

At 3:00, we drove out to the park for a round of disc golf with Matt. I did a little better this time, not quite as much hunting in the bushes for lost discs. The sun was starting to set on our way back home and it felt like the official start of fall. Rob and I rewarded our productive weekend with a really delicious dinner at Burgermeister.

Back at home, I somehow mustered the energy to put most of the living room back together while watching 30 Rock on DVD. Liz Lemon forever! Here’s the before and here’s the latest after:

Tonight, I’ll hang our art and take a real “after” photo. So far, I’m really happy with how it’s come out. The yellow/green colors remind me of avocados, classic french parlors and Mexico…somehow all at the same time 🙂

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  1. Jessica at 5:56 pm

    Yay no paint feet! And double-yay for 30 Rock!! I’m going to try and pick it up after work today. I feel a cold coming on, so if I end up stuck in bed I’ll need some entertainment.