What to Wear: Engagement Photos

What to Wear: Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a great way for a photographer to rehearse with couple. They resulting pictures are also a good way to introduce yourself to relatives who might not have seen you in a while. Picking the perfect outfit for your shoot can be tricky, though. Here is Kerry’s question:

My fiancé and I are having our engagement pictures taken in Boston at the end of the month…and I have no idea what we should wear! Our photographer suggested we coordinate, but not match. She also mentioned that patterns (even pinstripes on a men’s shirt) or very bright colors are distracting and should be avoided. And finally, pants are probably best, as skirts and dresses will limit the poses to a few standing up shots.

I’d love to see something fun and flirty, but comfortable and classic at the same time. Since Boston can get a bit cold by then, long sleeves or layers would be great. Comfortable shoes are a must, as we’ll be running around the city for a couple hours. We’re both pretty casual people (I live for j.crew), so I want to make sure the photos still look like us, but in the best possible way. Also, nothing too trendy…I don’t want anyone to look at the pictures and know exactly when they were taken.

A little bit about us… I’m 25, 5’8”, with a slim-to-average athletic build. I have darker blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. And I love pink! Especially the fuchsia that is so popular this fall. He is 27, 5’10”, with an average build. He has light brown hair, bluish gray eyes and a light-medium skin tone.

Their photographer’s tips are dead on. Really, all you need is two perfect structured tops to pair with your favorite jeans and in-closet basics. Go for timeless, classic pieces that will look good in color or black and white:

Blazer – A timeless wool jacket from J.Crew.
Shirt – A bright fuchsia top, her favorite.
Jeans – A nice darker wash in the ever-popular Socialite cut.
Flats – For running around in bushes and other great scenery.
Earrings – Pearl drops.

Sweater – This grey Gap sweater is a great match with the jacket.
Tee – To bring out his blue eyes.
Jeans – Rob loves Old Navy jeans.
Shoes – These Diesel sneaks are way cool!

Have fun with your shoot! When you get the photos back, study them a bit to see which poses and angles will work best for your wedding pics.

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