I’ve got a case of the mean blues (or reds, as Audrey would say) today. I’m in a raging bad mood for a host of reasons.

One of which is royally dumb: because I got a raise. But it was less than the raise that others got and I now I feel bad about my corporate value, ability to work well with others, etc. I’m not feeling pleasant or bloggerie just yet.

I promise I’ll get over it and return to posting shortly. After all, this isn’t the sort of thing a tough rocker-type would be upset about.

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  1. Gracie73 at 6:30 pm

    Sorry to hear you’re having a bad day. We all have them. Don’t feel bad though…own your feelings and reflect on all of your accomplishments this past year both personally and professionally. I’m sure if you made a list, you’d feel better about your self-worth. 🙂 Hang in there!

  2. Kim at 6:36 pm

    I have been there, done that. I probably would have reacted the exact same way; I got a raise this year but I didn’t get promoted. IT was hard but I’m just striving to work hard and do it well and just remember my work doesn’t define me. It is important in my life, but it is not the biggest driver – I try to focus on my family and friends.

  3. Katie at 7:56 pm


    I’m hoping for a promotion in Feb and if I don’t get it I’m going to be right there with you.

    I hope tomorrow is sunny.

  4. k8 at 12:00 am

    if i could have a dollar for every moment of my life i’ve had to spend bugged about unfair raise practices i wouldn’t have to complain about my salary. i swear you have to be a hardass to get what you really deserve and it’s just not in me. hope you feel better soon miss emily.

  5. mamacita at 12:01 am

    I’m having a bad day, too. I’m sitting here concentrating on holding my tongue so I don’t say anything I regret later.

    Anyhow, Em, I hope you know that you are immeasurably talented. From time to time that isn’t rewarded properly in a corporate setting, and it’s a shame; but a then a while later things will turn around, and you will receive some tangible reward for your contributions. You just have to wait out the bad times.

  6. becky at 3:58 pm

    I seriously think there’s something in the air. I was unreasonably grumpy yesterday too. 🙁

    Hope things start looking up for you. I love reading your blog – based on your “performance” here, I’d give you a HUGE RAISE. Do you accept virtual currency?

  7. love.boxes at 4:09 pm

    I would say that the “mean reds” fits this case scenario. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  8. Anonymous at 8:20 pm

    Man, I just had my review too and the same thing happened. I stewed over the holidays and just about hit m y breaking point yesterday. I had a long talk with my best friend and he said to voice my disappointment to my boss so at leas the complaints register somewhere so that the next review they know what’s on the table in the next review.

    It’s hard for women t ask for what we want, especially when it comes to money. I’m so open and honest in my life, but when it comes to salary talk I feel like I shrink down into the shadows. I want to start this year off right, by fighting for what I deserve! And you should too. Hang in there. It’s been a week of the mean reds for me.

  9. Diana at 7:54 pm

    It sounds silly but it’s hard to imagine someone as fantastic as you are having a bad day ever. I think if you saw yourself through the eyes of your readers you’d be having a GREAT day!

  10. Jane Maynard at 4:22 am

    be upset!!! when I was still working in an office (don’t miss those days…love my desk at home)…I needed a promotion desperately…when they finally gave it to me, it bumped me to salary and a 10% raise…but my first check with the raise was LOWER b/c no overtime. such a disappointment…10% of not much ain’t much, ya know? ANYWAY…feel bummed and get your resume out there!!!!!!! 🙂