What to Wear: Florida Vacation

What to Wear: Florida Vacation

Packing for a vacation can be so fun. Imagining yourself posing for family photos in the perfect outfit. It gets a little more complicated when you’re traveling with three kids under 2:

I hope you can give me a few ideas for my trip to Southwest Florida the this April. My trip will last 7 days. I am traveling with my six month old twins, two year old daughter, and husband. Most of my luggage space will be devoted to my kids and everything they need to make them happy while in Florida. I want to bring just essentials when it comes to my wardrobe. What do you recommend? I’m not afraid to be seen in the same outfit twice. Good luck!

The secret to good trip packing (whether to Paris in November or Florida in Spring) is to take a mixture of basic pieces in coordinating colors. Here’s what I recommend for Sharon in yellow, navy and gray:

Tunic – Wear this colorful tunic top with pants or shorts.
Shorts – Navy Bermuda shorts will go with almost anything.
Tee – A basic from Forever21.
Tanks – Bring a couple in different colors.
Bathing Suit – Classic and perfect.
White Jeans – So “Florida” and surprisingly easy to keep clean.
Skirt – Flexible cotton skirt can be dressed up or down.
Flip Flops – From Gap with a leather strap.
Tote – To carry the many supplies I’m sure you need everyday.

I count eight cute outfits from just this mix of budget pieces! And everything is light enough to be washed in the sink overnight if needed.

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  1. Caroline at 1:31 am

    Do I need to plan a trip to Florida just so I can buy this wardrobe?? Great job, Emily!

  2. Anne (in Reno) at 1:38 am

    Adorable, but consider in the hot weather 100% cotton is not the best choice as it doesn’t dry fast and wrinkles easily. That’s my random thought of the day – last time I went somewhere tropical and humid I got really annoyed with all of my cotton clothing.

  3. Shar at 2:33 am

    i’m in love with these clothes. oh my. i can’t believe how well you’ve done. thank you so much!!!! this really helps me out. you’re the best

  4. Leslie at 2:38 am

    you’re brilliant, emily! i love love these posts. i keep finding myself wishing i had some event or trip to ask for your help! alas, my life is boring. 🙂

  5. Katie at 5:55 pm


    I’m also going to Florida soon and I will be buying this entire look. Although, I think I’m going to get some gray low top converse to wear with it as well. Thanks!

  6. Olivia at 7:17 pm

    Faithful reader delurking to say that this the best “what to wear” yet!! I am planning a mini vacation to Las Vegas in May and now I want to buy all of this.