Is Brandon the New Darcy?

Is Brandon the New Darcy?

I got completely hooked watching the second half of Sense and Sensibility on PBS last night. You would have thought I was watching the final four with all the booing and cheering.

In this longer version of the Jane Austen story, the action revolves much more around Colonel Brandon (The Ang Lee movie is all about Edward Ferrars). He’s a serious Darcy contender. Time for an Austen battle royale:

First Impressions

  • Darcy is rude and snobby.
  • Brandon is old and stodgy.
  • Point goes to Brandon for at least being friendly from the start.


  • Darcy = Swimming.
  • Brandon = Falconing, hunting and planning picnic outings.
  • Point goes to Brandon. I love a good picnic outing.


  • Point for Darcy.


  • Darcy has £10,000 a year and Pemberly.
  • Brandon has £2,000 a year, Delaford and a military career.
  • Point goes to to Darcy, I think.


  • Darcy has mean relatives and a bad friend who spreads rumors.
  • Brandon was prohibited from marrying his first love who later dies penniless.
  • Point goes to Brandon.

Honorable Action

  • Darcy secretly saves Lydia and the reputation of the Bennet girls by bribing Wickham to marry.
  • Brandon tries to warn the Dashwoods about Willoughby, provides for Willoughby’s illegitimate wife and child, sets up Edward Ferrars with an income so he can eventually marry Elinor.
  • Hmmm…This one is close. I’ll give it to Brandon on quantity of people helped.


  • Darcy is awkward, has to clear his reputation and win over Elizabeth with a good deed.
  • Brandon patiently waits for Marianne and wins her over with endurance and sweet gestures.
  • This one is impossible. Both get a point.

Let’s tally the results: Darcy has earned 3 points vs. Brandon’s 5. Brandon really is the new Darcy! Do you agree? PBS has a hilarious interactive guide to Austen men online where you can vote for your favorite.

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  1. Alicia at 8:00 pm

    I don’t have a TV, but I’ve been wishing that I had one over the past couple of months so that I could watch Jane Austen every Sunday… They really are the perfect movies to watch on a chilly Sunday evening!

  2. Anonymous at 4:01 am

    Darcy was my first Austen love and I am forever loyal. Pemberley is pretty sweet, too!

  3. Jessica at 12:36 pm

    No way! Darcy forever! Alright, I’ll give you that Brandon is pretty awesome, but I think that Darcy deserves credit for his good choice of friend in Bingley, his great affection and care for his sister, and most admirably that he shows great character in being able to amend the faults he is pointed out to possess. Brandon had nothing to do but be himself, which is sort of boring as far as main characters go.

    I had to quickly run away from your blog yesterday because I was just a few chapters from finishing Sense & Sensibility, ha.

  4. Jessica at 12:37 pm

    Oh yeah, and he confessed his total role in his affairs to Bingley, helping bring he and Jane together again!

  5. love.boxes at 5:26 pm

    I don’t know. I do love Mr. Darcy.. but that Brandon is pretty fabulous too. 🙂

  6. Emily at 10:58 pm

    let’s also just admit that alan rickman as colonel brandon in the ang lee version is like, incredibly hot. i really cannot say that enough. that said, i think that i end up going for darcy over brandon, just barely, and only because, like marianne dashwood, i’m drawn more to the slightly dangerous and dashing individuals, even if it is the brandons that are best for us in the end. sigh.

  7. Martha at 3:39 pm

    I know this is slightly off topic, but I’d like to throw in Mr. Tilney. He has many of the same admirable qualities as Darcy and Brandon, but he also made me laugh! Very important.

  8. Anna at 5:43 pm

    Here’s my problem. I think I like Brandon more than Darcy…

    But Colin Firth as Darcy is the best thing to happen to Jane Austen since… well, since Jane Austen. He’s amazing. And HOT.

    I am, apparently, very shallow.