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  1. love.boxes at 2:27 pm

    That would be so pretty. I could see them filled with those pretty Hammond Peppermint Pillows and a big red bow.

  2. Jessica at 4:12 pm

    Ha, I did use a Fido jar to package up some peanut butter granola with banana chips and cacao nibs for Josh's aunt & uncle.

  3. ThickChick at 7:41 pm

    Not to support a massive corporation, but I have my window-ed cupboards full of these from Ikea on the cheap. I love them, and I’m constantly picking up a few more everytime I go to Ikea, which has earned me the occasional name of ‘the jar woman’ from my Mister. I agree they would make an excellent vessel for a homeade gift.

  4. Nicola at 8:44 am

    ooo I have these to store foods in , from cookies to pasta. They are lovely. Good idea to use them for a gift too