What to Wear: Chicago Au Pair

What to Wear: Chicago Au Pair

Here’s a good winter What to Wear from Lena, who is moving to Chicago:

In February I am moving to Chicago to be an au pair for two adorable children, a girl 13 and a boy 11. I will be driving them to school and hobbies. I live in Norway where we have all the seasons. 14 degrees in the winter, and up to 70 in the summer. I like classic clothes with a little boho inspired. Like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. I like to wear tights and tunics, dark straight jeans and loose tops. with ballerina flats. I shop a lot at H&M. I can only bring a limited amount of clothes and shoes and bags. I have a Prada ombre handbag I would like to bring… I have sold everything I own here, so I have some money to buy new clothes and supplies for the trip…What do I wear in chicago, and what do I bring?

Start by building a wardrobe of versatile pieces that match the bag; so blacks, grays, ivories and golds. Focus on basics that can survive the cold winter and the spring running around Chicago. Here’s one outfit to get you going:

Denim – I’m in loooove with these black jeans. They’re not cheap, $158, but you could wear them at least twice a week. Or try finding a different pair of black straight leg jeans for less.
Shirt – Start layering with a warm long sleeved shirt.
Sweater – Go loose with an inexpensive chunky sweater. Oops…so I just realized this is a poncho. No on the poncho…but something like this with the sleeves defined.
Scarf – The scarf is so key. It doesn’t have to be this – somewhat overpriced – boho version. But find the right scarf that can go with almost anything.
Boots – I know…crocs? But they’re low and probably very comfortable and on sale and you’ll get frostbite wearing regular flats in February Chicago. You don’t have to tell anyone.
Gloves – This tall version is my favorite.
Coat – You’ll need some very warm layers. This coat from Target has some style. Of course, living in a snowy climate in Norway you probably already have some great winter layers to bring.
Hat – Another thing that could really help you in the cold. I like the wink at classic “nanny” style too.

Stay warm out there Lena!

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  1. Alicia at 4:14 am

    Lena — I’m enduring my first winter in Chicago, and you must must buy a long (at least to the knees)puffy down coat. Wool doesn’t cut it!

  2. mamacita at 7:07 am

    Let’s spare a thought for Lena in the summer, too. She lives in Norway where, she says, the temperatures go “up to 70” in the summer.

    Um, Fahrenheit? Oh, honey, it’s not the snow you’ll have to look out for. I’m just saying you should save a little cash for when the sun comes out again.

  3. Anonymous at 3:22 pm

    You will be arriving during one of the coldest, messiest months of the year. The good news is that in February you will be able to find sales everywhere. Buy what you need after you arrive.

    I agree about the long, down-filled coat; BUY ONE HERE! Also buy excellent, serious snow boots here; not lovely leather ones; save those for dry weather.

    You will love Chicago! It’s a beautiful city!


    Chris from Naperville, IL

  4. Jecca at 9:27 pm

    i’m with the two other ladies. This is adorable and perfect for driving around. However, you’ll really need a pair of indestructable snowboots, and a knee-lenght puffer is ideal. Especially on days like today, when it’s -12 Fahrenheit; you won’t look so wonderful, but you’ll be so happy you did.

  5. Nora at 3:14 am

    Yeah thats for sure, u will need a pair of waterproof boots and the coat but u will find some here, so dont worry about it. This is my first winter here too and it’s really cold but it worth it. Im pretty sure u r going to have a really nice time here, chicago is awesome.

    Nora, Downers Grove

  6. sandra at 11:46 am

    Heey 🙂
    I am allso gonna be an au pair in Chicago 🙂 where in chicago are you gonna live?