Paris Picnic No. 3 at Parc de Saint-Cloud and the Musee Ceramique

Paris Picnic No. 3 at Parc de Saint-Cloud and the Musee Ceramique

This was my favorite picnic day of our trip! Rob and I picked a park by random on the map: Parc Saint-Cloud looked like it would nice enough. Rob biked over and I took the train. We walked across the Seine and through a small suburban village and found a beautiful lawn with statues and fountains.

Rob bikes by the fountain at Parc Saint Cloud in Paris

We picked a picnic spot on a shady slope overlooking two long corridors of bright roses and the Eiffel Tower way off in the distance. Such a pretty view of Paris!

Beautiful beds of roses at Parc Saint-Cloud

Our picnic today consisted of open-faced smoked trout and cucumber sandwiches with tzatziki and lemon. French strawberries, tomatoes, cheese, chocolate and rosé wine.

Parc Saint Cloud with a smoked trout and cucumber sandwich

After eating, Rob parked his bike and we wandered around a gated garden with a small lake in the middle. All these blooming flowers smelled heavenly (we still hadn’t quite figured out poor Rob’s allergy to French flora and picked up any allergy medicine for him).

Exploring the gardens of Parc de Saint-Cloud

Parc de Saint-Cloud is the site of a former royal chateau from the 16th century and is surrounded by long hunting forests. It still houses Marie-Antoinette’s rose garden.

Rob mountain biking around Saint-Cloud in Paris

You’re on your way to Versailles from the back of the park.

The road to Versailles from Saint-Cloud

The forests were incredibly lush and pretty. It was easy to imagine being a member of a fancy royal court wandering the grounds with your poodles.

Leafy corridor at Saint-Cloud park in Paris

Rob was having fun zipping around on his mountain bike while I walked through the gardens. There were even a couple very short single-track paths here and there.

Biking wheelie in Parc de Saint-Cloud

Rob pedaled back home for a meeting while I ducked in to the Musée de la Céramique, also known as Sèvres, Cité de la céramique for a quick exploration. Entrance fee is 6 euro.

French ceramic museum view

I’ve been to the Musee D’Orsay and the Louvre on past visits to France – and I’ve found that it is the smaller, more obscure Paris museums that are really my preference. I love a turn of the century French museum focusing on one topic and largely left alone by big tourist crowds. Creaky parquet floors are a must.

Display case of porcelain at the Musee de la Ceramique

I also happen to be a fan of porcelain. The collection here has examples of ceramics from ancient Egypt and Greece along with slightly more modern pieces from Italy, Japan, China, Turkey and Africa.

Part of the collection at the Paris museum of ceramics

But, really, it was the museum itself that was the real attraction for me. There were only a handful of retirees in there with me. We were far outnumbered by the museum staff.

Sunny view of a pedestal at the Ceramic Museum in Paris

These stairs were equally beautiful and precarious to climb. As with the vast majority of French staircases, these would never pass an OSHA safety inspection in the US. In the back lot, there are still active ceramic studios in the back garden behind the museum.

Winding stairs at the Musee de la Ceramique

The museum also had a few modern and special exhibitions along with the traditional salons.

One last look at the Musee de la Ceramique in Paris

I highly recommend a visit to the gardens and museums of Saint-Cloud for a picnic day away from the summer crowds in Paris!

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