Queenstown NZ From Top to Bottom

Queenstown NZ From Top to Bottom

Rob’s conference ended at lunch today so we had time to be real tourists in Queenstown in the afternoon. Time to take the gondola to the top of the mountain for a exploration of Skyline! For about $20, you get a ticket for these little gondolas that are frighteningly fast and basically go straight up the mountain.

Taking the Skyline Gondola in NZ

At the top, there’s a posh lounge where you can get a pint of beer or a cup of hot tea while watching the gondolas loaded with mountain bikes glide up and down with a view of the lake in the background and the “street luge” track below.

Skyline Queenstown

Bump alert! Yep, I’m still only 16 weeks pregnant.

Pregnant travel in New Zealand

Ambitious hikers can take on a four hour trail to a distant peak behind Skyline…or, there’s a still pretty steep 30 minute loop that works well too. You get a nice view of the south end of the lake over the trees in one direction.

Skyline loop hike Queenstown

From the other side, a view of a whole new mountain range which is a bit more green and covered in steep rivers.

Queenstown Hike

Back toward the gondolas, there’s a paragliding launch field with a view toward the West. When not in use, it is a lovely meadow spot to rest your feet and enjoy the lake views.

Queenstown Skyline resting spot

Yikes! Coming back down the gondola was twice as scary as the route up. Rob took this selfie while I clung on.

Steep gondola ride in Queenstown, NZ

Back in town, we stopped in to the Department of Conservation (DOC) information office for camping maps and had a drink at Bathhouse on the beach while a brief storm rolled over the lake.

Bathhouse cafe Queenstown NZ

For dinner, really good meal of Chinese dumplings, wonton soup and steamed buns for only about $8 US each at Queenies Dumplings.

Cheap eats in Queenstown NZ

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